Stellar variability from Dome A, Antarctica

Wang, Lingzhi et al., 2017, European Physical Journal Web of Conferences, 152, 02010 | View on ADS (2017EPJWC.15202010W) | Access via DOI


The Antarctic plateau is one of the best observing sites on the surface of the Earth thanks to its extremely cold, dry, stable and transparent atmosphere conditions. Various astronomical activities are underway there and the Chinese Center for Antarctic Astronomy (CCAA) is dedicated to developing Antarctic astronomy at the highest point, Dome A or the Chinese Kunlun station. So far a large number of images have been collected from a 14.5-cm quad-telescope called the Chinese Small Telescope ARray (CSTAR) and the first two of a trio of 50-cm Antarctic Survey Telescopes (AST3-1 and AST3-2).

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