Antarctic astronomy publications 2017

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Anisoplanatic error evaluation and wide-field adaptive optics performance at Dome C, Antarctica
Carbillet, M. et al., 2017, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 471, 3043
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/Modelling Type/In-situ or ground-based observations Site/Dome C (Concordia Station) Characteristics/Seeing & integrated turbulence Wavelength/Optical Characteristics/Free atmosphere turbulence profiles

Assessments of Ali, Dome A, and Summit Camp for mm-wave Observations Using MERRA-2 Reanalysis
Kuo, Chao-Lin, 2017, The Astrophysical Journal, 848, 64
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/Satellite observations Characteristics/Precipitable water vapour Hemisphere/Arctic Site/Dome A (Kunlun Station) Site/South Pole Characteristics/Sky brightness & stability Wavelength/mm & sub-mm Site/Other Site/Greenland

Stellar variability from Dome A, Antarctica
Wang, Lingzhi et al., 2017, European Physical Journal Web of Conferences, 152, 02010
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/In-situ or ground-based observations Wavelength/Optical Site/Dome A (Kunlun Station) Characteristics/Other

Optical Sky Brightness and Transparency during the Winter Season at Dome A Antarctica from the Gattini-All-Sky Camera
Yang, Yi et al., 2017, The Astronomical Journal, 154, 6
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/In-situ or ground-based observations Characteristics/Atmospheric transparency Wavelength/Optical Site/Dome A (Kunlun Station) Characteristics/Sky brightness & stability