First photometric properties of Dome C, Antarctica

Chadid, M. et al., 2008, Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes II, 7012, 701248 | View on ADS (2008SPIE.7012E..48C) | Access via DOI


Here we present the first photometric extinction measurements in the visible range performed at Dome C in Antarctica, using PAIX photometer (Photometer AntarctIca eXtinction). It is made with "off the shelf" components, Audine camera at the focus of Blazhko telescope, a Meade M16 diaphragmed down to 15 cm. For an exposure time of 60 s without filter, a 10th V-magnitude star is measured with a precision of 1/100 mag. A first statistics over 16 nights in August 2007 leads to a 0.5 magnitude per air mass extinction, may be due to high altitude cirrus. This rather simple experiment shows that continuous observations can be performed at Dome C, allowing high frequency resolution on pulsation and asteroseismology studies. Light curves of one of RR Lyrae stars: SAra were established. They show the typical trend of a RRLyrae star. A recent sophisticated photometer, PAIX II, has been installed recently at Dome C during polar summer 2008, with a ST10 XME camera, automatic guiding, auto focusing and Johnson/Bessel UBVRI filter wheels.

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