Antarctic astronomy publications Type/Instrument design, 2004

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Infrared monitoring of the sky background emission above Dome C
Epchtein, N., Busso, M. & Tosti, G., 2004, SF2A-2004: Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise, 153
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/Instrument design Site/Dome C (Concordia Station) Characteristics/Sky brightness & stability Wavelength/Infrared

Robotic telescopes on the Antarctic plateau
Ashley, M. C. B. et al., 2004, Astronomische Nachrichten, 325, 619
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/Instrument design

A robotic instrument for measuring high altitude atmospheric turbulence from Dome C, Antarctica
Lawrence, Jon S. et al., 2004, Ground-based Telescopes, 5489, 174
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/Instrument design Site/Dome C (Concordia Station) Characteristics/Seeing & integrated turbulence

Antarctica: the potential for interferometry
Storey, John W., 2004, New Frontiers in Stellar Interferometry, 5491, 169
Type/Review Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/Instrument design Site/Dome C (Concordia Station)

AFOS: probing the UV-visible potential of the Antarctic plateau
Dempsey, Jessica T. et al., 2004, Ground-based Instrumentation for Astronomy, 5492, 811
Hemisphere/Antarctic Characteristics/Precipitable water vapour Type/Instrument design Type/In-situ or ground-based observations Wavelength/Optical Site/South Pole Characteristics/Sky brightness & stability

Adaptive-optics performance of Antarctic telescopes
Lawrence, Jon S., 2004, Applied Optics, 43, 1435
Hemisphere/Antarctic Type/Instrument design Characteristics/Seeing & integrated turbulence Site/South Pole