Simulations and performances of AMICA at Dome C

Di Rico, G. et al., 2012, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy IV, 8446, 844641 | View on ADS (2012SPIE.8446E..41D) | Access via DOI


Simulations of the expected performances of AMICA (Antarctic Multiband Infrared Camera) mounted on ITM (Infrared Telescope Maffei, formerly IRAIT) at Dome C, Antarctica, are here presented. The computation has been carried out through the analysis of images obtained by a focal plane simulator, here described, taking into account the telescope and the imaging system characteristics (optics, read-out electronics and detectors) and the site properties. The evaluation of the expected S/N ratio in various near- and mid-infrared pass-bands are fundamental to properly define the observational plans and the scheduling of the robotic observatory.

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