Ground layer adaptive optics system simulation for the 2.5m telescope in Dome A

Jia, Peng & Zhang, Sijiong, 2012, Adaptive Optics Systems III, 8447, 84475J | View on ADS (2012SPIE.8447E..5JJ) | Access via DOI


The Antarctic is an ideal place for optical and infrared astronomy observations. Chinese scientists are planning to build a 2.5m telescope in Dome A. The telescope will be built in a tower about 15 meters high to avoid the ground layer atmospheric turbulence. The Ground layer Adaptive Optics system (GLAO) will also be suggested to be installed to further reduce the seeing. The GLAO system with one laser guide star, one deformable mirror and one wide field Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor is designed and simulated. The Strehl ratio has increased 2 to 3 times in visible and infrared band in 20 arc min field of view.

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