AMICA the infrared eye at Dome C

Riva, Alberto et al., 2007, Highlights of Astronomy, 14, 700 | View on ADS (2007HiA....14..700R) | Access via DOI


Amica (Antarctic Multiband Infrared Camera) is a dual-channel Infrared Imager (2-28μm), that will be located at the Nasmyth focus of the IRAIT telescope at Dome C. Dome C base, on Antarctic plateau offers an unique chance for infrared astronomy. It has several advantages like temperature, pressure and site environment. Temperature, around 60°C (mean) allows a good atmospheric stability (good seeing and good windows transparency) a low atmospheric background and the reduction of instrumental background. Pressure (equivalent of 4000 m a.s.l.), implies low content of water vapors; this means higher transmission, broader and new astronomical windows. The site offers the possibility of very long observations (about 6 months winter night).

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