AMICA - The Infrared Eye At Dome C

Riva, A. et al., 2006, IAU Special Session, 7, 9 | View on ADS (2006IAUSS...7E...9R)


AMICA camera (Antarctic Multiband Infrared Camera) is the first light instrument of the IRAIT telescope that will be installed at DOME-C. The main purpose of AMICA is to observe the infrared sky in the 1-28 microns band. The Antarctic site of DOME-C has an interesting atmospheric transmission in these bands. This paper describes the design and the procurement of the instrument, with the study of particular solution to the extreme environmental conditions of the site (mean temperature -70°C mean pressure 640 mbar). One peculiar characteristic of the instrument is the alternative use of two channels (1-5 microns and 5-28 microns) and the use of newly defined filters optimized for the Antarctica environment. A first technical result of this camera will be the characterization of the observational condition of the site. Natural science application of AMICA are instead in the field of late stages of stellar evolution (especially AGB and post-AGB stars) and the star formation.

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