A Hartmann differential image motion monitor (H-DIMM) for atmospheric turbulence characterisation

Bally, J. et al., 1996, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 13, 22 | View on ADS (1996PASA...13...22B)


We describe the use of a multi-aperture Hartmann mask coupled to a slightly out-of-focus focal plane array imager to monitor atmospheric turbulence ('seeing') produced by refractive index fluctuations. The imager (a CCD) is located inside or outside the focal surface of the imaging system so that each sub-aperture of the Hartmann mask produces an image well separated from all of the other images produced by the mask. Since the depth-of-focus of the sub-apertures is an order of magnitude larger than the depth-of-focus of the parent optical system, the individual images are still diffraction limited. We obtain short (10 to 100 ms) exposures and monitor the position fluctuations of the images. Analysis of the position and intensity fluctuations of the images can be used to determine the atmospheric parameter r the wind direction and velocity, and under some circumstances, the distance of the turbulent layer from the observing site.

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