SCAR AAA is organised under Four "Themes", each of which is managed by a Working Group:

Working Group A: Site testing, validation and data archiving.
Chair: Tony Travouillon <>
Vice-chair: Jon Lawrence

Working Group B: Arctic site testing.
Chair: Eric Steinbring <>
Vice-chair: Ming-Tang Chen

Working Group C: Science goals.
Chair: Michael Burton <>
Vice-chair: Zak Staniszewski

Working Group D: Major new facilities.
Chair: Peter Tuthill <>
Vice-chair: Xuefei Gong

The initial task for the Working Groups is to develop an implementation plan. The draft implementation plan was discussed at the Inaugural Meeting of SCAR AAA in Buenos Aires on 1 August 2010. Membership of the Working Groups is open to all interested people. If you wish to contribute to a Working Group, please contact the Chair of the appropriate group.

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