Working Group D: Major new facilities.
Chair: Peter Tuthill <>
Vice-chair: Xuefei Gong

Working Group D: Major new facilities: Implementation plan (pdf)

Working Group D is helping to facilitate an international proposal for the construction of a 2.4 metre class near-infrared telescope, called NIR@ANT.

NIR@ANT will be deployed to one of the high plateau sites in Antarctica. A task force, led by Lifan Wang is coordinating the discussion. Members of the task force are:

Michael Ashley (UNSW, Australia)
Michael Burton (UNSW, Australia)
Xiangqun Cui (NIAOT, China)
Nicolas Epchtein (University of Nice, France)
Jian Ge (University of Florida, USA)
Gil Moretto, (IPNL, France)
Jeremy Mould (Swinburne, Australia)
Carl Pennypacker (Berkeley, USA)
Jason Rhodes (JPL, USA)
John Storey (UNSW, Australia)
Nick Suntzeff (Texas A&M, USA)
Charling Tao (CPPM, France)
Andre Tilquin (CPPM, France)
Lifan Wang (PMO, China; Texas A&M, USA)
Don York (University of Chicago, USA)
Wei Zheng (John Hopkins University, USA)

Minutes of the task force meetings, and links to other project material, are available here . If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact Lifan Wang for details of how to access the project material.


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