Working Group C: Science goals.
Chair: Michael Burton <>
Vice-chair: Zak Staniszewski

Working Group C: Science Plan: Implementation plan (pdf)

Poster presented at the XXXII SCAR Open Science Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA 16-19 July 2012.

A ski-equipped LC130 aircraft taking off in front of the South Pole astronomical observatory, featuring four cosmic microwave background experiments: SPT, BICEP, ACBAR and QUAD/DASI. Under the ice lies the IceCube neutrino telescope. (Photo courtesy of Steffan Richter)
Sunrise over the Dark Sector astronomical observatory at the US Amundsen-Scott South Pole station. (Photo courtesy of Daniel Luong-Van)
The Adelie Land Meteorite, discovered on December 5th 1912, and the subject of the first scientific paper emanating from astronomical research in Antarctica. (Photo courtesy of Michael Burton) The BOOMERanG cosmic microwave anisotropy experiment about to be launched from a long duration balloon in front of Mt Erebus, McMurdo station. (Photo courtesy of Paolo de Bernardis)
Two pathfinder optical telescopes that operated at the US Amundsen-Scott South Pole station, the ADIMM and the AFOS. The former measured the astronomical seeing, the latter was a fibre-fed optical spectrometer measuring the atmospheric spectrum.
(Photo courtesy of Michael Burton)
The 10m South Pole Telescope, making precision measurements of the cosmic microwave background against the backdrop of a spectacular auroral display.
(Photo courtesy of Daniel Luong-Van)
Track of the Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory, a NASA Long Duration Balloon facility experiment launched from McMurdo in January 2012.
(Photo courtesy of NASA)
The PLATO automated observatory at the Chinese Kunlun Station at Dome A. To left is the Snodar boundary layer turbulence profiler.
(Photo courtesy of Zhenxi Zhu)
The HEAT THz-frequency telescope operated by PLATO-R at the SCAR international Ridge A observatory, 200 km from Dome A.
(Photo courtesy of Craig Kulesa)
Site testing at the Japanese Dome Fuji station using the PLATO-F autonomous laboratory.
(Photo courtesy of Hirofumi Okita)


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