Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica

Steering Committee meeting
Hilton hotel, Portland Oregon, USA

14 July 2012


Maurizio Candidi Italy
Luc Damé France
Xuefei Gong China
Craig Kulesa USA
David Lesser USA
Rolf Nahnhauer Germany
Silvia Masi Italy
Alessandro Schillaci Italy
John Storey Australia (Chief Officer)
Peter Tuthill Australia

The meeting opened at 9:15 am.

Presented by J. Storey.

Working Groups
Progress by the four Working Groups since the AAA2011 meeting in Sydney was noted.

Much of the discussion centered on the importance of WG A (Site testing data).

  • Need to get website up with links to existing archives:
    • Validation, calibration etc.
    • Create bibliography of papers
    • Recommended to fund one or two students to do this.
  • Encourage standardising of instruments
  • Explore calibration at same site
  • Possibility of a single institution funding multiple identical instruments?
  • Aim for standardised instrument package,

The dates of relevant future meetings were noted:

  • IAUS288 Astrophysics from Antarctica (20 - 24 August, 2012), Beijing (China)

Date of next meeting
It was agreed to hold the next meeting of AAA in mid 2013 in Italy. Silvia Masi has agreed to chair the SOC, which as for previous meetings will consist of the members of the AAA Steering Committee.

The meeting could be timed to complement DACA2013, which is held 8 - 13 July in Davos, Switzerland.

The meeting closed at noon.

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