The Steering Committee of SCAR AAA will act as the SOC:

  • Michael Andersen (Denmark)         
  • Philip Anderson (United Kingdom)            
  • Michael Burton (Australia)  
  • Xiangqun Cui (China)
  • Nicolas Epchtein (France)   
  • Takashi Ichikawa (Japan)    
  • Albrecht Karle (USA)         
  • James Lloyd (USA) 
  • Silvia Masi (Italy)    
  • John Storey (Australia)      
  • Lifan Wang (China/USA)  


The LOC consists of

  • John Storey
  • Jon Lawrence
  • Jon Everett
  • Patricia Furst



This is a SCAR Scientific Research Program meeting, with additional funding generously provided by the Australian Antarctic Division, Astronomy Australia Limited, Australian Astronomical Observatory, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, and the University of New South Wales.